Small Business is Big Business

Leveraging Small Businesses To Improve Community Health and Wellness

Small businesses are an integral part of the community, providing jobs and resources that help to sustain the local economy. They also have the potential to be a powerful force for improving community health and wellness. Here are some ways that small businesses can help make their communities healthier and more vibrant, shared by the Ashland Sporting Association.

Introduce New Job Opportunities

The US Small Business Administration notes that small businesses often provide new job opportunities in the local community, which can have a direct impact on health and wellness. By offering competitive wages and benefits, small businesses can attract more qualified workers who will bring their skills to the local economy and contribute to overall growth. Additionally, introducing new job opportunities can help reduce unemployment rates in the area, which is beneficial for everyone.

Ignite Innovation

Business News Daily points out that small businesses are also great sources of innovation. Entrepreneurs often come up with creative solutions to problems that bigger companies may not be able to address due to size or other limitations. This helps create a healthy marketplace of ideas where people can find solutions that work best for them. It also encourages collaboration between different stakeholders who may not have otherwise been involved in problem-solving.

Increase Tax Revenue

Small businesses also generate tax revenue for the local government, which helps fund essential services such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure improvements. Increased tax revenue also means more resources available for public health initiatives, which ultimately leads to a healthier and happier community. These services are essential for maintaining a healthy community and providing residents with access to the resources they need to thrive.

Circulate Money Within The Community Economy

When money is spent within the local economy, it circulates within the community rather than leaving it entirely (which happens when money is spent at large corporations). This helps to create a more diverse and healthy economy, allowing for more opportunities for people to find jobs and start businesses. In addition, this money often goes back into the community in the form of increased spending power, which can help support local initiatives that improve health and wellness.

Encourage An Active Community

Small business owners often serve as role models within their communities by encouraging active lifestyles through activities such as sponsoring youth sports teams or organizing events like 5Ks or bike races. They can also encourage activity by locating their business near apartments in highly walkable areas — an apartment search tool can help business owners find such areas nearby.

Support Local Nonprofits

Small businesses can also support local nonprofits by donating goods or services or even volunteering their time at events or fundraisers hosted by these organizations. This not only helps to support the community but also strengthens relationships between small businesses and local non-profits. This type of support is especially important during times of crisis when nonprofits need extra help to provide essential services such as food banks or emergency shelters for those affected by natural disasters or other tragedies.

Register Your Business as an LLC

Registering as an LLC can provide business owners with the legal and financial stability they need to pursue bigger initiatives in their local community. An LLC is a great way for entrepreneurs to leverage their resources. With the tax advantages that an LLC can offer, it’s much easier to free up money to take on projects such as helping homeless shelters secure supplies, donating to at-risk children’s charities, or setting up neighborhood cleanups. Should a business owner choose to start a business in Massachusetts, it opens up ample opportunities for their business to do more for their community and contribute to important causes.


Small businesses play an important role in keeping our communities healthy and vibrant by providing jobs, igniting innovation, generating tax revenue, encouraging active lifestyles among its citizens, supporting local non-profits, and registering as LLCs—and so much more. With all these ways small businesses can make an impact on our community’s health and wellness.


The Ashland Sporting Association is working towards developing a Marathon Hall of Fame in Ashland, MA on Pleasant Street at Marathon Park, the original starting line of the Boston Marathon in 1897 through 1923. Visit us online to learn more!